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 Dyno Thursdays in Miami, $35

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Dyno Thursdays in Miami, $35 Empty
PostSubject: Dyno Thursdays in Miami, $35   Dyno Thursdays in Miami, $35 I_icon_minitimeJune 4th 2013, 12:49 pm

We are offering $35 Dyno Thursday every Thursday at Garage Yourself from 4-9, you will get 2-5 runs. Whatever it takes to get your numbers and allow for a low and high boost run etc...

You will receive graphs for HP, Torque, air fuel ratio and boost if you are forced induction.

The dyno is a Dyno Dynamics load control dyno.

Below is a video of how a loaded dyno works, we can create load and spool the turbos Before we start the run, then create enough load to spool the turbos to peak boost during the run. This is particularly good for diesels and larger turbos. You can also see how secure the truck is even at 1000 ft lbs as it does not budge at all and there are no traction issues at all.
In this video the dyno is loaded at 0:14 sec (The dyno is holding the truck at 1200 rpm at wide open throttle) allowing the turbos to spool, the run starts at 0:19 - 0:30 allowing enough time and load for full spool and accurate proper numbers. Try that on a Dynojet :)
Loaded 1000 ft pd diesel dyno pull

This is a lightly modded Mustang on the dyno.
Mustang Dyno Pull
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Dyno Thursdays in Miami, $35
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