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 Paintball gear, electronics, gadgets.. *Pic heavy*

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PostSubject: Paintball gear, electronics, gadgets.. *Pic heavy*   February 16th 2013, 12:23 am

Paintball stuff

1) Smart parts ION [Blue]- $125
*Warrior paintball SL blue aluminum body
*Hybrid grips
*System X drop forward
*System X on/off ASA
*Trigger kit
*Clamping feed neck

2) ION XE [yellow] - $110
*Braided ASA to REG hose w/ quick disconnect

3) ION XE [red] - $150
*Drop forward
*On/Off ASA
*Clamping feed neck
*Virtue "Machine gun" power button ( just the button, no virtue board)
*TechT L7 bolt

4) Smart Parts Impulse [gray] - $130
*Teardrop barrel

5) Tippmann A-5 Custom painted Pin-ple [pink/purple] - $150
*X7 hopper
*Dye Xcel barrel

6) Tippman X-7 [Black] -$275
*E-Grip w/ double trigger
*Flatline barrel kit
*AK magazine
*Also comes with a straight short barrel (Without shroud) and a more compact A5 hopper.
*Spare E-trigger (broke; might just be a magnet), Spare basic trigger assembly off an A5.

7) J&J Edge barrel kit w/ auto****er thread (used on the ION) - $60

8)C02 Tanks - Variety - ONE comes with each gun if you want it, first come first served.

9)TWO View loader harnesses (4+tank) - $5 / 1 free with purchase of $50 or more.

10) NXE Elevation Pro Harness 3+2+2 [blue] (comes with 3 pods)- $45

11) NXE TP Series 4+3+2 harness [black] (comes with 4 pods) $25

12) (4) Extreme rage / Empire mask $40

13) Java mini mask (looks new) $15

14) JT Spectra flex [blue] $40

15) Pods - $1 a pop for the cheaper ones, $2 a pop for the 187 ribbed ones. Will throw some in with gun purchases if needed. DO NOT COME WITH BALLS seen in pics. Those are my old "test balls".

Electronics n ****;
16) Belkin Lap top laptop cooler. Keeps you ***** from catching fire when using your laptop. $15

17) iPhone 3g - Used this phone in germany, uses a sim card, idk if its "Unlocked" or what, all i know is that its in perfect working order with the original box and the stuff in it. Camera flash obviously makes it look a lot worse than it actually is lol. -$130

18) PSP - Comes with charger, Tekken, Assasins creed, and some racing game - dont give a **** to go find it and verify, i took this picture weeks ago so its back in a box somewhere. $80

19) Fujifilm Finepix S - as you can see it still has the lense guard and everything. Great condition, litteraly only used 2-3 times while in germany. Like new condition. $105


Killzone 3 - $15
Rage -$10
Dantes inferno - $10
Gears of war - $10
Every other game - $5

If any of my prices are out of line then feel free to PM me and enlighten me, I dont remember what i paid for most of this stuff so some stuff i just shot random ass prices out for them. Willing to entertain trades, i'm not hurting for money. I still play paintball so i would also take PB related trades too - Currently looking for a 68/4500 ("long" type, not a fatty), a Rotor, and a pink Mini / Axe. Feel free to call or txt with any questions.

Items must be picked up right off the highway by miami international airport. Will not meet you anywhere else unless if i have other business in the area. 786-512-4991 -
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Paintball gear, electronics, gadgets.. *Pic heavy*
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